Beet fritters

Beet fritters with dill dipping sauce

I love beets and I’m always looking to try something different with them. I’ve had some recent success with our spicy carrot fritters so I decided to try a beet based fritter.  It was just my husband and I so we had enough of these that they formed a light dinner for us, however they […]

Vegetarian Chipotle Stew

Vegetarian Chipotle Stew

Sometimes it is necessary to use up the vegetables that are sitting in your fridge, and this recipe comes from that. You can never be sure what you’re going to get when you clean out the fridge, you can only hope you are using items that will go together relatively well. Or, you can make […]

Vegetarian Sheppard's Pie

Vegetarian Sheppard’s Pie (with Vegan option)

Sheppard’s Pie is a classic English dish that is well loved in our house. I wanted to try making a vegetarian version and decided that a mix of lentils, mushroom and other veggies might work. I had no idea how it was going to turn out, but wow, is it ever good. This dish can […]

Ancient grain penne with radicchio

Ancient Grain Penne with radicchio

This is an easy and tasty vegetarian dish. Add in some TruRoots Ancient Grain pasta and you’ll never know that you’re eating a gluten free pasta. Topped with fresh Kirkland Parmesan and accompanied by a nice buttery Chardonnay, it’s a great Friday evening dinner. Ancient Grain Penne with radicchio   Print Prep time 5 mins […]

North African inspired butternut squash stew

North African inspired butternut squash stew

I seem to have found a new theme that my husband loves.  Whether it is this dish, or the Moroccan stuffed acorn squash, he can’t seem to get enough of these veggie centered dishes that make ample use of various fragrant spices.  As an added bonus both of these dishes are really very healthy – […]

Vegetarian enchilada with gluten free tortillas

Vegetarian Enchiladas (with gluten free option)

Most Mexican food is super yummy but it can be very calorie and saturated fat intensive.  It can also be hard to find meat free or gluten free Mexican recipes, so that was my challenge – to create a super tasty, low calorie, vegetarian and gluten free enchilada.  My husband gobbled up two of these […]

Sauerkraut vitamin bomb salad

Sauerkraut vitamin bomb salad

I have to be honest, this salad is only for people who love sauerkraut or are really open to new flavors.  Sauerkraut is really popular in Poland so I love it and I’m used to its taste.  On the other hand my husband, who also had some exposure to sauerkraut as a child, doesn’t exactly […]

Indian paneer inspired golden tofu saute

This is tofu? Yes it is, and it is delicious and super healthy

Everyone has their “go to” dishes that they prepare regularly because they enjoy them so much.  This dish definitely fits into that category for my husband and I, although our children don’t eat it because it does pack a decent amount of spiciness.  This dish is very healthy, vegetarian (vegan too!) and packed with great […]

Spicy carrot fritters - Gluten Free

Spicy Carrot Fritters – Gluten Free

The inspiration for this recipe comes from one of the older of my 75 or so cook books – “Bills Open Kitchen”  However Bill served his carrot pancakes with scallops and a yogurt dressing as a main course. I decided to change things up and serve these on their own as an appetizer.  I also […]

Simple Zucchini Soup

Simple & Delicious Zucchini Soup

This is one of my favorite soups for when my husband is off on a business trip and I don’t feel like spending much time in the kitchen. It is very simple and quick to make, low in calories but very tasty. And to help reduce costs, I’ve found Kirkland’s soft unripened goat cheese to […]

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