Chickpea Artichoke Salad

For over a year now our daughter has been a vegetarian and since she’s still a growing young woman we’ve stressed to her how important it is to ensure that she is getting adequate protein in her diet. Fortunately she absolutely loves chickpeas, which are very high in protein, and this dish is one of […]

Traditional Potato Salad

Spring has arrived and outdoor parties and barbeques are back on the agenda. When you imagine yourself at an outdoor party, what are the food items you automatically think of? For me, two right off the top are hamburgers or sausages on the grill, and of course potato salad. This traditional potato salad is very […]

Pineapple Curry Salad

This is one of my favorite mayo salads. Exotic and tropical, sweet with a hint of garlic, I don’t know of many other salads like it. Best of all it’s very easy to make it and if you already have cooked rice, it’ll take just a few minutes to prepare. This pineapple curry salad goes […]

St Patrick’s Day Green Pea Party Soup

This is a really fast and simple vegetarian pea soup that can easy be modified to be vegan. Serve it in some unique dishware such as these espresso cups and you have a very stylish St. Patrick’s Day party soup.  This recipe serves about 4-6 people in small servings. St Patrick’s Day Green Pea Party […]

Beet Hearts with Goat Cheese

It’s pretty easy to find Valentine’s or other love themed dessert recipes, if you’re looking for one you can check out my Valentine’s No-Bake Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake and Panna Cotta with a Hint of Mint. What is a little more challenging to find are appetizers that have a love theme, but check out these gorgeous […]

Lebanese Grape Leaves

Similar to the recipe for my Lebanese Chicken Shawarmas, this recipe is adapted from the grape leaves sold at an authentic Lebanese restaurant in Calgary. These are lighter than the most common Lebanese grape leaves which typically have meat such as lamb included. These grape leaves are slightly sour so I recommend pairing them with […]

Tuscan Bean and Kale Casserole (with GF option)

Mention the word casserole and most people think of a heavy, traditional food. This Cannellini bean and kale casserole will give you a different perspective of what a casserole can be. It’s vegetarian, loaded with vitamins and minerals, is high in fiber and has a nice mild flavor. (Although my husband spiced his up with […]

Butternut Squash Ricotta Casserole

The idea for this casserole came while I was watching a Polish breakfast morning TV show called Dzien Dobry TVN. They were preparing something similar, without ricotta, but they went through the ingredients very quickly and I never caught the full recipe. So I came up with my own. This dish is excellent as one […]

Balsamico Cabbage with Boursin and Glutino Crackers

Whenever I prepare Lebanese Shawarmas, I think it is absolutely a must to include the pickled cabbage. But you don’t need tons of it, and a head of cabbage goes a long way. A great way to use up that remaining head is to use it for this appetizer. When cabbage is cooked with balsamic […]

West African Groundnut Stew

The last few days have been particularly cold here in Calgary, and these types of days are best for either a comfort food, or a nice spicy and flavorful dish. This sweet potato based stew fits the cold weather day bill and has a loads of good things going for it. It is bold in […]

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