Creamy Turkey Soup – Great for turkey leftovers

Gobble, gobble, gobble, leftover turkey everywhere! If you prefer to do something a little more original with you turkey leftovers, and enjoy the flavor of mushrooms, give this Creamy Turkey Soup a go. It’s really quite yummy and you don’t have to wait for the days after a holiday feast to enjoy this as leftovers […]

Almond Crust Pumpkin Pie

Why? Well, because it’s Fall. Because it is American Thanksgiving. Because it’s a vegetable. Because I love it! Any excuse is a good one to make a pumpkin pie and if it is a healthy gluten free version that’s an even better excuse.  :-)  Note: You can use pumpkin puree if you prefer, but remember […]

Balsamico Cabbage with Boursin and Glutino Crackers

Whenever I prepare Lebanese Shawarmas, I think it is absolutely a must to include the pickled cabbage. But you don’t need tons of it, and a head of cabbage goes a long way. A great way to use up that remaining head is to use it for this appetizer. When cabbage is cooked with balsamic […]