St Patrick's Day Pistachio Cheesecake

St Patrick’s Day Pistachio Cheesecake

It’s only relatively recently that many of the lesser known Western holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween etc. have become popular with the younger generation in Poland.  My first experience with St.Patrick’s Day was eleven years ago in Chicago.  They turned the Chicago river green, there was green beer in the pub, people dressed in […]

St Patrick’s Day Lime Cake topped with kiwi

Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Lime Cake

In the spirit of everything green for St. Patrick’s Day, here is a bright lime and kiwi cake with Mascarpone cheese.  The inspiration for this dish comes from the Polish blog mojewypieki, however I do not use any lemon and add the use of Jell-o.  Luck o’ the Irish to you! Lucky St. Patrick’s Day […]