Halloween Owl Cupcakes

Halloween Owl Cupcakes

Aren’t these little Halloween Owl Cupcakes adorable? Kids love everything about these: the yummy cupcakes, the Oreo cookies and the smarties. They also have a blast performing their own autopsy on each one as they devour them. The inspiration for this recipe came from a combination of Martha Stewart and one of my favorite Polish […]

Ghoulish Halloween Goodies

Ghoulish Halloween Party Treats

Halloween is such a fun time, everyone gets to dress up in their favorite outfit and pretend to be someone else. The parties take on their own special life and there’s lots of laughing and joking, I think we should have them more than once per year! A Halloween party isn’t complete without themed foods, […]

Dracula's Waffles

Dracula’s Waffles

Everyone loves waffles, including Dracula! (Even Dracula knows blood alone isn’t a very balanced diet!) If you’re looking for a Halloween breakfast item these are fun and super easy to make. This recipe makes 20 waffles, if you have leftovers, individually wrap them in saran wrap and then place in ziplock bags in the freezer. […]