Gluten Free Starbucks Banana Nut Bread

Starbucks Banana Nut Bread (with gluten free option)

This is a healthier and lighter version of the popular banana nut bread from Starbucks. Gluten free flour and oat flour are substituted for white flour. (You can use whole wheat flour if you prefer).  I also used coconut oil in reduced amounts instead of margarine.  The last change I made was utilizing palm sugar […]

Caramelized onion buns

Caramelized onion buns

These are delicious buns, one of my favorites of the white bun variety.  So soft and with the infused flavor of caramelized onion they make a perfect pair for sandwiches or burgers.  This recipe is adapted from my favorite Polish baking blog, Caramelized onion buns   Print Prep time 1 hour 45 mins Cook […]

Kirkland Bordeaux Superieur with an assortment of cheese

Kirkland Bordeaux with an assortment of cheese

I think it’s important for everyone to have their own quiet place where they can unwind, kick their feet up and be at peace with the world.  For me it is when we are out in the mountains and we’re soaking in the warmth of a crackling wood burning fire.  It’s also a great time […]

Kirkland Appletini with a Valentine's Raspberry Heart

Kirkland Appletini with a Valentine’s Raspberry Heart

Some of the best foods and drinks are those with only a few ingredients as it allows the individual characteristics of each to really stand out.  A good example of a simple drink is the Appletini, which consists only of apple juice/cider and vodka.   Here I used Kirkland’s Vodka, which many on the internet speculate […]

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