Organic VitaDetox Juice

I’ve called this an Organic VitaDetox juice because the veggies and fruits used are a super punch of goodness, and taste great too! Beets contain betalains which are shown to provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support. Carrots provide high betacarotene and like beets they are important in the fight against cardiovascular disease. Apples give us […]

Sweet Cherry Vodka

There is a Polish tradition of preparing your own spirits and liqueurs using the bounty of fruits and herbs grown in the summer. Often my grandma would prepare a sour cherry vodka that is made with half vodka and half Spirytus. Spirytus is a rectified Polish spirit containing 95% alcohol and not only is it […]

Lychee Lemonade

I haven’t had as many drink recipes on the blog as I want, so I was determined to fix that and come up with something unique. I was in the supermarket and saw the lychees and since it is officially summer and lychees aren’t in season long, I decided to go with a lychee lemonade.  […]

Starbucks Passion Lemonade

Starbucks sells a Passion Lemonade for around $4. Since we drink Tazo Passion tea all the time when Costco came out with an organic lemonade I figured it was the perfect opportunity to see if I could imitate the Starbucks drink. Since the the Kirkland organic lemonade has real sugar I think it tastes even […]


I had an idea for this type of drink quite some time ago, but we never had all the ingredients together at once.  Lately we finally got them all and it turned out really well! I was really excited that this idea was original, but when I googled it, well, my excitement melted like ice […]

Kirkland Bordeaux with an assortment of cheese

I think it’s important for everyone to have their own quiet place where they can unwind, kick their feet up and be at peace with the world.  For me it is when we are out in the mountains and we’re soaking in the warmth of a crackling wood burning fire.  It’s also a great time […]

Kirkland Appletini with a Valentine’s Raspberry Heart

Some of the best foods and drinks are those with only a few ingredients as it allows the individual characteristics of each to really stand out.  A good example of a simple drink is the Appletini, which consists only of apple juice/cider and vodka.   Here I used Kirkland’s Vodka, which many on the internet speculate […]