Traditional Potato Salad

Spring has arrived and outdoor parties and barbeques are back on the agenda. When you imagine yourself at an outdoor party, what are the food items you automatically think of? For me, two right off the top are hamburgers or sausages on the grill, and of course potato salad. This traditional potato salad is very […]

St. Patrick’s Day Guinness Stew

After finishing his first bowl of this stew, my husband said “We have a new #1!”  He’s picky about his stews, often saying after trying a new recipe that the stew is too thick or syrupy.  This Irish stew has some significant differences from your average stew, and I think the fact that it was […]

Tuscan Bean and Kale Casserole (with GF option)

Mention the word casserole and most people think of a heavy, traditional food. This Cannellini bean and kale casserole will give you a different perspective of what a casserole can be. It’s vegetarian, loaded with vitamins and minerals, is high in fiber and has a nice mild flavor. (Although my husband spiced his up with […]

Pan Seared Wild Sockeye Salmon with a Pomegranate Ginger Reduction

Some of the best dishes are relatively simple, consisting of only a handful of ingredients that compliment one another.  These salmon filets are delicious, quick to prepare and look fabulous. What more could we ask for? How about super healthy, you ask? Well they are that too! Pomegranates are known as a superfood with high […]

West African Groundnut Stew

The last few days have been particularly cold here in Calgary, and these types of days are best for either a comfort food, or a nice spicy and flavorful dish. This sweet potato based stew fits the cold weather day bill and has a loads of good things going for it. It is bold in […]

Lebanese Chicken Shawarma

The marinade for this chicken shawarma is based on a highly coveted and authentic recipe from a Lebanese restaurant in Calgary. The exact ingredients and proportions are considered a family secret of the owner, but I’ve been lucky enough to reproduce a nearly identical replicate of it! For a simple “sandwich” this dish takes some […]

Spicy Italian Sausage and Squash Soup

On cloudy and cool days nothing tastes better than something warm and spicy. With a friend in town we wanted to visit and not spend too much time cooking but still have something yummy that would act as an antidote to the dreary weather outside. This soup was a perfect choice as it is silky, […]

Roasted Eggplant Lasagne

The secret to the preparation of eggplant is ensuring excess moisture is removed. If you don’t remove moisture you’ll end up with a soggy chewy sponge – it’s, I think, the #1 reason why many people don’t like eggplant. Prepared correctly roasted eggplant is delicious and this lasagne is now my new #1 favorite lasagne. […]

Coq au Vin

Coq au Vin [pronounced Kohk-oh-Vahn] is one of the quintessential French dishes. It’s a classic where each of the ingredients meld perfectly with the others creating a dish that is heavenly. The dish’s history officially goes back to the early 20th century but existed long before that. In North America the great Julia Child featured […]

Risotto alla Sbirraglia

At the root of the word sbirraglia is sbirro, which is a disapproving word for police in Italian. This risotto was very popular amongst the Italian police in the 1800s and it’s easy to see why – the dish is simply delicious. In modern day North America an unfortunate pattern has developed in the way […]

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