Egg in a nest

If you make either my beef wellington, puff pastry tart with cherry tomatoes and mascarpone or any other puff pasty based dish, sometimes you’ll have a little bit extra puff pastry left over.  This is a great looking and relatively quick breakfast dish that allows you to use up the leftover pastry. Or, use a […]


When you combine super healthy ingredients and still make something super delicious, that’s the pinnacle in foods. And when you combine a muffin with a cookie, well I call that a mookie! I made these mookies because my husband eats a lot of flax seed for it’s high omega 3 content. Flax can be tricky […]

Dracula’s Waffles

Everyone loves waffles, including Dracula! (Even Dracula knows blood alone isn’t a very balanced diet!) If you’re looking for a Halloween breakfast item these are fun and super easy to make. This recipe makes 20 waffles, if you have leftovers, individually wrap them in saran wrap and then place in ziplock bags in the freezer. […]

Paleo Pumpkin Loaf

Sometimes when you host a party it can be challenging having foods that will satisfy your guests food allergies/tolerances/preferences. This loaf is one of those foods; it is gluten free, processed sugar free and starch free. Most importantly it tastes great! The loaf is pleasing served on its own, or if you want to break […]

Pancake Cake Pops

One of the down sides of a running a food blog is coming up with new ideas all the time, it can be challenging! Here again I thought I’d created something new but Mr. Google showed me that it’s pretty difficult to come up with original food ideas! Ah well, the entire recipe is still […]

Sweet Blueberry Breakfast Rolls

Our girls had friends over for a sleep over and as a breakfast treat I wanted to make them fresh breakfast rolls. They love cinnamon rolls but I had a large basket of organic blueberries from Costco and I decided to use some of them for a jam. When the girls woke up they went […]

Dutch Waffles

For some reason our girls have been particularly demanding with their breakfast requests of late. I think they are getting spoiled! :) This morning they wanted Belgian waffles, but those take quite some time to prepare. So we went with our faster waffle option, these Dutch Waffles the recipe for which I’ve adapted from the […]

Sourdough rye topped with egg salad

Certain tastes bring my childhood memories flooding back of my times in the kitchen with my grandmother in our summer house outside of Krakow.   One of those tastes is our egg salad, made with fresh eggs from our neighbor’s chickens, fresh chives from the garden and homemade mayonnaise. Mixed together and then topped on fresh […]

Orange & Ricotta French Croissants

What do you do with day old croissants? How about stuff them with orange, ricotta and Philadelphia cheeses and make a French Toast like breakfast out of them! They turned out delicious!  If at the end you have leftover French Toast batter, you can always make my Orange Pancakes. Orange & Ricotta French Croissants   […]

Orange Pancakes (with Gluten Free Option)

I just can’t bring myself to waste food. On a recent school day for our girls I made them orange and ricotta French croissants for breakfast. But I made too much and had tons of left over egg and milk mixture. So I decided to experiment by adding some gluten free flour to make gluten […]

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