St Patrick’s Day Green Pea Party Soup

This is a really fast and simple vegetarian pea soup that can easy be modified to be vegan. Serve it in some unique dishware such as these espresso cups and you have a very stylish St. Patrick’s Day party soup.  This recipe serves about 4-6 people in small servings. St Patrick’s Day Green Pea Party […]

Smokey Beet Borscht

People who haven’t had borscht sometimes have a funny reaction to the suggestion of trying it. “Beet soup?” they ask. Look at it this way: it’s not a famous traditional Polish/Ukrainian/Russian soup for nothing! Anything that is religiously served at Christmas, NYE or weddings must be good! Most are more familiar with the chunky “regular” […]

Creamy Turkey Soup – Great for turkey leftovers

Gobble, gobble, gobble, leftover turkey everywhere! If you prefer to do something a little more original with you turkey leftovers, and enjoy the flavor of mushrooms, give this Creamy Turkey Soup a go. It’s really quite yummy and you don’t have to wait for the days after a holiday feast to enjoy this as leftovers […]

Roasted Poblano Soup with Polenta Croutons

After buying some fresh green Poblano peppers my original plan was to make a roasted pepper stuffed with rice and other goodies. However one evening we had a smaller main dish planned so I decided to switch up the plans and augment our dinner with the peppers. I had some polenta left over from my Grilled […]

Ambercup Squash Soup with Cinnamon Raisin Croutons

So what are the results when you blend together roasted squash, broth and a pumpkin spice mix? It’s a delicious, aromatic soup! It features sweetness from the honey, spiciness from the black pepper and when topped with cinnamon raisin croutons the result is a unique and very satisfying soup.  This recipe calls for already roasted […]

Green Lentil Soup with Paneer Croutons

For the last 3 weeks we had family from Poland visiting us and as usually happens when families get together, we had a lot of heavy, indulgent food. I wanted to get back to some vegetarian dishes and had some leftover cooked lentils from a preparation of our Vegetarian Sheppard’s Pie.  I also had some […]

Cayenne Honeydew Melon Soup

Sometimes when you try something new and very different you may not be sure what you’re going to get.  And sometimes it really makes you say WOW IS THAT GOOD! This cayenne and honeydew melon soup was made by my brother and it quite simply is delicious, completely unique and so simple to prepare.  If […]

Vegetable Cheddar Bacon Soup

Our eldest daughter recently received braces for her teeth and had to have a soft food diet for the first few days. The newness of the braces and the soft food diet put her in a bit of a sour mood so to cheer her up I prepared a soup which features bacon (one of […]

Squash & Leek Soup with Chorizo Chips

We had Spanish tapas the other night and I was craving for having soup as one of the dishes. I didn’t have a recipe ready to go but with Spanish flavors on my mind I started hunting in my kitchen for the right ingredients. I discovered some leek sitting in the fridge which was screaming […]

Laughing Cow Soup

It’s been a hectic week for us so this is another fast and easy recipe.  It’s also a great recipe to start your kids out with cooking as I made this soup for the first time when I was 12.  The soup has a nice creamy flavor, some crunch from the carrot and finishes nicely […]

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