Chickpea Artichoke Salad

For over a year now our daughter has been a vegetarian and since she’s still a growing young woman we’ve stressed to her how important it is to ensure that she is getting adequate protein in her diet. Fortunately she absolutely loves chickpeas, which are very high in protein, and this dish is one of […]

Quail Scotch Eggs

In Poland and many other countries Easter is a major holiday. In addition to the religious celebrations of Christians, Easter also means Spring has sprung, that new life abounds and eggs are the traditional symbol for fertility and rebirth. For my family our Easter traditions include egg painting and many dishes that feature eggs. One […]

Healthy, Delicious Pate

Whoever said you can’t have your cake and eat it too has never tried my pâté! :) Most people I know, they fall into one of two camps. They either love the flavor and texture of pâté, or hate it for similar reasons. It’s also typically very fatty. I wanted to make a pâté that […]

Pineapple Curry Salad

This is one of my favorite mayo salads. Exotic and tropical, sweet with a hint of garlic, I don’t know of many other salads like it. Best of all it’s very easy to make it and if you already have cooked rice, it’ll take just a few minutes to prepare. This pineapple curry salad goes […]

St Patrick’s Day Green Pea Party Soup

This is a really fast and simple vegetarian pea soup that can easy be modified to be vegan. Serve it in some unique dishware such as these espresso cups and you have a very stylish St. Patrick’s Day party soup.  This recipe serves about 4-6 people in small servings. St Patrick’s Day Green Pea Party […]

Beet Hearts with Goat Cheese

It’s pretty easy to find Valentine’s or other love themed dessert recipes, if you’re looking for one you can check out my Valentine’s No-Bake Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake and Panna Cotta with a Hint of Mint. What is a little more challenging to find are appetizers that have a love theme, but check out these gorgeous […]

Lebanese Grape Leaves

Similar to the recipe for my Lebanese Chicken Shawarmas, this recipe is adapted from the grape leaves sold at an authentic Lebanese restaurant in Calgary. These are lighter than the most common Lebanese grape leaves which typically have meat such as lamb included. These grape leaves are slightly sour so I recommend pairing them with […]


Caponata is a Sicilian cooked vegetable salad typically consisting of eggplant, celery, sweetened vinegar, capers and a sweet and sour sauce. Many Sicilian families have their own variation which adds to these base ingredients so feel free to experiment. Caponata was often served as a main dish but I love it served on crostini with […]

Smokey Beet Borscht

People who haven’t had borscht sometimes have a funny reaction to the suggestion of trying it. “Beet soup?” they ask. Look at it this way: it’s not a famous traditional Polish/Ukrainian/Russian soup for nothing! Anything that is religiously served at Christmas, NYE or weddings must be good! Most are more familiar with the chunky “regular” […]

Creamy Turkey Soup – Great for turkey leftovers

Gobble, gobble, gobble, leftover turkey everywhere! If you prefer to do something a little more original with you turkey leftovers, and enjoy the flavor of mushrooms, give this Creamy Turkey Soup a go. It’s really quite yummy and you don’t have to wait for the days after a holiday feast to enjoy this as leftovers […]

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